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Polyurethane Wood Imatation Material Wood imitation Rigd polyurethane Foam Material


Polyurethane wood-like foam material is an innovative high-performance material that has attracted much attention for its excellent wood-like effect and diverse application fields. It is made of polyurethane foam material combined with special fillers and additives and reacted at high temperature. Polyurethane imitation wood materials not only have the appearance of traditional wood, but also have many superior properties and features.

  1. Simulation effect: The raw material of polyurethane imitation wood has excellent simulation effect, and the color, grain and texture can be adjusted according to requirements, making it indistinguishable from solid wood, adding a lot of color to the project.
  2. Weather resistance: Compared with natural wood, polyurethane imitation wood materials are more weather-resistant and can resist the influence of factors such as ultraviolet rays, moisture and temperature changes, and are not easy to fade, crack or deform.
  3. Lightweight and high strength: Polyurethane imitation wood material is light in weight and easy to handle and process. Its high strength ensures the stability and durability of the material.
  4. Anti-corrosion and insect-proof: Compared with traditional wood, polyurethane imitation wood materials are not attacked by fungi, mold and insects, effectively extending the service life of the material.
  5. Environmental protection and safety: Polyurethane wood-like materials do not contain harmful substances, comply with environmental protection standards, are safe and non-toxic, and can be used safely in indoor and outdoor environments.


Exterior dark brown viscous liquid Density(kg/cm3) 250±20
density 0.9 ± 0.05g/cm3 Hardness (Shore A) ≥ 80
Viscosity(25℃) 900 ± 200mpa.s Tensile strength (MPa) ≥ 3.0
Pre-blended polyether polyols 100 (weight) Elongation at break(%) ≥ 3.0
Isocyanate 100 (weight) Compressive strength 10% (MPa) ≥ 3.5
Stirring time(s) 10~15 Impact strength (KJ/m2) ≥ 2.0
cream time 30~60 fire resistance According to customer requirements
Gel time(s) 75~150 free time free time


Polyurethane wood-like foam materials are widely used in architectural decoration, furniture manufacturing, landscape design and other fields. It can be used on indoor floors, wall panels, and ceilings to bring a warm wooden feel to the room; it can also be used on outdoor landscapes and courtyard gardens to create a natural wood-like structure.

The emergence of polyurethane wood-like foam materials provides a possibility for wood replacement and brings new design and decoration experiences in different fields. Its unique performance and aesthetic effects have given people a new understanding of imitation wood materials, and it has gradually become one of the preferred materials for fashion, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

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