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Discover the power of our spray foam material. Achieve exceptional insulation and energy efficiency for your projects. Unleash the potential of advanced thermal protection today!

Products Introduction

SPC-10072 blend polyols use the HFC-245 fa as the blowing agent,it is a compound which consists of polyether polyols, surfactants, catalysts, foaming agent and flame retardant in special ratio.


The foam has good thermal insulation property, light in weight, high compression strength and flame retardant and other advantages


It is widely used to building insulation which applies to make cold stores and so on.


Items Test Method Index
Moulding Density GB/T 6343 ≥35kg/m3
Closed-cell rate GB/T 10799 ≥90%
Thermal Conductivity 15( ℃) GB/T 3399 ≤24 mW/(m.K)
Compressive strength GB/T 8813 ≥140kPa
Dimensional stability (24h ,-20℃) GB/T 8811 ≤1.0%
(24h ,100℃) GB/T 8811 ≤1.5%

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