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PU Faux Stone Material Polyol TDI Polyurethane Foam Imitation Wood For Culture Stone


  1. Revive textures: Utilizing precision technology, polyurethane faux stone materials adeptly restore diverse wood textures, hues, and tactile features, seamlessly integrating nature’s charm into your designs.
  2. Durable and robust: Imitation wood material revitalizes wood textures visually and inherits the tenacity of polyurethane faux stone. Its resilient surface defies daily wear, moisture-induced warping, ensuring sustained allure.
  3. Eco-friendly selection: Compared to wood, polyurethane faux stone is resilient to insects, decay, extending its lifespan. Its eco-friendly composition aligns with contemporary sustainability values.
  4. Multifunctional versatility: Faux stone’s adaptability suits diverse designs—floors, walls, furnishings—enriching possibilities.
  5. User-friendly fabrication: Lightweight, easy-to-install, these cultural stone materials fuel imaginative artworks.


Appearance Dark brown viscous liquid
Density 0.9±0.05g/cm3
Viscosity (25℃) 900±200mpa.s
Premixed polyether polyols 100(weight)
Isocyanate 100(weight)
Stirring time(s) 10~15
Cream time(s) 30~60
Gel time(s) 75~150
Density (kg/cm3) 250±20
Hardness (shore A) ≥80
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥3.0
Elongation at break (%) ≥3.0
Compression strength 10% (MPa) ≥3.5
Impact strength (KJ/m2) ≥2.0
Fire resistance as per customer requirement
Tack free time(s) Tack free time(s)


Polyurethane artificial stone requires minimal materials, environmentally friendly production. Versatile usage: kitchen, bathroom, floor, wall, sculpture. Cost-effective alternative for natural stone.

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