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Flexible Foam Material For Memory Foam Pillow

Unleash the epitome of comfort with our cutting-edge memory foam pillow materials. Indulge in the luxurious embrace of our high-quality memory foam, expertly engineered for unparalleled support and rejuvenating sleep. Experience the difference with our premium memory foam pillow materials today!

Memory foam pillow material refers to the ability of the material to deform slowly. After being deformed by an external force, it will slowly return to its original shape. That is, the material has a characteristic of both viscosity and elasticity, absorbs impact kinetic energy, and can be used repeatedly without permanent deformation. Because of the material with obvious slow rebound performance, polyurethane slow rebound sponge (memory foam) is the representative.

SPC-1015 polyol is a fully formulated polyol blend developed for the application of PU slow recovery foam. The component ratio has been adjusted to make it possible that pillows, mattresses and mattress topper pads made from SPC-1015 work like a spa while you are sleeping. Foams made by SPC-1015 are characterized by their slow recovery. They provide an ideal support for the body and utmost comfort when sitting or lying on them.

Memory foam, also known as space cotton, is an inert surface or viscoelastic foam material made of polyurethane, which is a soft polyurethane slow-rebound foam. It has a special slow resilience, and after the force disappears, it will slowly return to the original shape, so now there are many memory pillows made of memory foam on the market.



Item Standard(25℃)
Cream time (s) 3-5
Gel time (s) 8-12
Tack free time (s) 10-15
Free rise density (kg/m3) 21-35

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