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HDI Polyurethane Isocyanate Coatings Material

HDI(六亚甲基二异氰酸酯)是一种重要的化学成分,广泛用于制造聚氨酯材料,包括涂料、粘合剂和弹性体。HDI 聚氨酯以其卓越的耐候性、化学稳定性和机械性能而闻名,是建筑、汽车、工业等领域应用的理想选择。其卓越的粘合能力和可调性使其适用于从美观涂料到结构粘合剂的一系列用途,构成了现代材料创新的基础。此外,HDI 的环保属性和可持续性对于当前绿色材料和制造工艺的趋势至关重要,推动了更具环保意识的解决方案的开发。


HDI (hexamethylene diisocyanate) is a chemical ingredient widely used in the manufacture of polyurethane materials, including coatings, adhesives and elastomers. It is known for achieving excellent weather resistance, chemical stability and mechanical properties. , is an ideal choice for applications in construction, automobile, industry and other fields. Its exceptional aging capabilities and adjustability make it suitable for a range of uses, from aesthetic coatings to structural adhesives, forming the basis for modern material innovation. , HDI’s environmentally friendly attributes and sustainability are critical to current trends in green materials and manufacturing processes, driving the development of more environmentally conscious solutions.

  • High Weather Resistance: HDI-based polyurethane remains stable in wheelchair conditions and resists humidity, moisture and chemicals.
  • Excellent Physical Properties: HDI polyurethane offers high strength and wear resistance for applications requiring mechanical properties.
  • Enhanced coating power: HDI improves material coating power and performs well in coating and coating applications.
  • Low Volatility: HDI products generally have low volatility, which reduces harmful emissions and health concerns.
  • Adjustability: HDI polymer structures can be tuned to balance stiffness and flexibility for different applications.
  • Chemical Resistance: HDI products can withstand chemical attack and are suitable for use in environments where chemical resistance is required.
  • Environmentally friendly: The HDI process can reduce the emission of excitatory organic compounds and support eco-friendly and sustainable development.
  • Versatility: HDI can satisfy coatings, adhesives, elastomers, sealants, providing multi-functional solutions.



NCO content >49.7%
Color number (Platinum-Diamond color number) <30
Density(20℃) ~1.05g/cm3
Flash point ~135℃
Viscosity (25°) ~3mPa.s
buffer concentration <350ppm
Total chlorine content ≤800ppm


Product use: As a raw material for polyurethane production, it is mainly used to produce PU varnish, high-end paint, automobile repair paint, plastic paint, high-end wood paint, industrial, anti-corrosion paint, etc. Such as elastomer paint, adhesives, textile finishing agents, etc. In addition to being oil-resistant and wear-resistant, the PU coating produced has the characteristics of non-yellowing, color retention, chalking resistance, and outdoor sun resistance. In addition, it is also used as a paint curing agent and has the characteristics of low-temperature tackifier for polymers and printing pastes. Mixtures, membrane coatings, immobilized enzyme adhesives, etc.

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