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Blend Polyols SPC-10081 for Refrigerators

SPC-10081 blend polyols use C-pentane or CP/IP as blowing agent, which applies to refrigerators, freezers, and other insulation        products.        The        characteristics         of        the        products        are        as        follows 1.excellent flowability, the density of the foam is well-distributed, and the thermal conductivity is low

  1. excellent low-temperature dimensional stability and goodcohesiveness;
  2. demould time is 6-8
  3. SPC-10081is withoutC-pentane。

Physical Properties

Appearance Pale yellow transparent liquid
Hydroxyl Value mgKOH/g 370-410
Dynamic Viscosity(25℃) mPa.s 2800-4000
Specific Gravity (20℃) g/ml 1.05-1.07
Storage Temperature 10-25
Storage stability Month 6


Recommended Ratio

Ratio pbw
SPC-10081 100
C-pentane 12-14
MDI 136-145


Technology and Reactivity(the exact value varied depending on processing conditions)

Items Manual Mixing

(low pressure machine)

High Pressure Machine Mixing
Material Temperature 20-25 20-25
Mould Temperature 35-40 35-40
Cream Time s 10-16 8-12
Gel time s 70-90 45-60
Tack free time s 100-120 80-100
Free density kg/m3 25-26 24-25.5


Foam Performances

Items Test Method Index
Moulding Density GB/T 6343 ≥35kg/m3
Closed-cell rate GB/T 10799 ≥92%
Thermal Conductivity  (15℃) GB/T 3399 ≤21 mW/(m.K)
Compressive strength GB/T 8813 ≥150kPa
Dimensional stability (24h ,-20℃) GB/T 8811 ≤0.5%
(24h ,100℃) GB/T 8811 ≤1.0%

The data provided above are typical value, which are tested by our company. For our company’s products, the data included in the law do not have any constraints.


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