Provide wireless possibility for your polyurethane one-stop solution

Paint Ink Air Mixer Mixer Paint Mixer Oil Drum Mixer


  1. Outstanding Speed Ratio and Efficiency: Our mixer is known for its remarkable efficiency and an exceptional speed ratio. Whether you need rapid mixing or precise blending, our product excels, ensuring that your tasks are accomplished with utmost efficiency.
  2. Space-Saving Design with a Small Footprint: Engineered with a compact structure, our mixer maximizes space utilization without compromising on performance. Its minimal footprint makes it perfect for settings with limited workspace.
  3. Silent Operation and Minimal Noise: The mixer operates quietly, producing minimal vibration and low noise levels. This not only guarantees a peaceful working environment but also facilitates efficient mixing processes.
  4. Extended Lifespan: Crafted for longevity, our mixer utilizes top-tier materials and robust construction, ensuring an extended service life. This translates to prolonged reliability and reduced maintenance requirements.
  5. Intuitive Design and Easy Maintenance: Our mixer boasts a user-friendly design that simplifies both operation and maintenance. Simple disassembly and cleaning ensure effortless upkeep, enabling you to maintain peak performance with ease.
  6. Exceptional Value for Your Investment: Striking a fine balance between performance and affordability, our mixer offers an exceptional cost-performance ratio. Whether you prioritize quality or budget, our product delivers exceptional value.




Model JYYJ1-200 JYYJ2-200 JYYJ1-250-350 JYYJ1-350-600 JYYJ400-900
Machine Base s1-09 s1-0 s1-1 s1-2 s1-3
Power (kw) 0.37-0.55 0.37-0.75 0.37-1.5 1.1-4 1.5-7.5
Barrel Volume (L) 1000 3000 5000 8000 10000
Shaft Speed (rpm) 40-136 40-136 10-136 36-88 36-88
Shaft Diameter (mm) 18 18 20-30 20-78 30-89
Axis Length (cm) 60-100 60-150 60-250 60-350 100-450
Diameter of Impeller (cm) 20 20 25 35-60 40-90


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