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Polyurethane Flexible Spray Foam Material Thermal Insulation Foam Material


SPC-10071 Polyol and Isocyanate is a two-component, spray-on, open-cell polyurethane foam. This product is a fully water-foamed foam material with good properties such as low density (9-11kg/m3), open cells, and flame retardant B3 level.
During the on-site spraying process, the small openings for breathing are filled with air, and no toxic gases that damage the ozone layer are produced. It is an environmentally friendly, low-carbon new building material. It replaces traditional foaming agents F-11 and HCFC-141B.
This spray material has the functions of thermal insulation, gas barrier, moisture-proof and heat insulation, waterproof, sound-absorbing and other functions, which can give us a quieter, healthier and more energy-saving living environment.


Project Standard(25℃)
appearance Light yellow to brown transparent liquid
Hydroxyl value 110-120mg KOH/g
viscosity 250-300MPa·S/20℃
proportion 1.05-1.10g/ml(20℃
Storage temperature ≤25℃
storage stability 6 months
density 9~11kg/m3
ratio Volume ratio1:1
cream time 3-5s
Gel time 6-10s
free density 7-9kg/m3(0.45-0.55lb/ft³)


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