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polyurethane insulation boards liquid polyurethane foam for polyurethane sandwich panel machinery

SPC-1006 polyol is a fully formulated polyol blend, especially developed for PU rigid foam insulation, applied with metal face sheet or non-metalic face sheet like Mgo, OSB, etc. It contains sufficient quantity of blowing agent HCFC 141B to achieve the foreseen foam density. When SPC-1006 polyol and isocyanate (MDI) are mixed together using suitable equipment, the good flowability of the resulting foam makes it possible to achieve a homogenous foam density throughout the cross section of the panel. Foams which are allowed to cure for a sufficient time in the mould according to the foam thickness show good adhesion to the surface and good dimensional stability. SPC-1006 polyol contains sufficient amount of fire retardant for the foreseen applications and the foams obtained by using it together with isocyanate (MDI) are classified as B2 or B3 according to DIN 4201 classification. It is recommended that a mould surface temperature of 40℃ is maintained during production.

Essential details
Warranty:1 Year                                                                               After-sale Service:Online technical support
Project Solution Capability:graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects, Cross Categories Consolidation, Others
Application:all place                                                                       Design Style:Modern
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China                                                     Brand Name:SPC
Model Number:SPC polyurea                                                       Type:polyurethane, sandwich panel material
Material:polyol+isocyanate                                                           Shape:liquid
Core Material:POLYURETHANE                                                 Format:Layered
Product name:polyurethane                                                          usage:coldroom panel making
raw material:polyol+isocyanate                                                    package:drum
Solid content:100%                                                                          Proportion:two components, 1:1 mix
Method:spray                                                                                    Color:white gray or customized
Supply Ability
1000000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging & delivery
Packaging Details

Component A: 200kg/iron drum , Component B: 250kg/iron drum
4 Drums/PLT


shanghai for sandwich panel

Lead time:
Quantity(kilograms) 1 – 220 221 – 1000 1001 – 3000 >3000
Lead time (days) 15 15 15 To be negotiated


heat conductivity coefficient:
moisture permeance factor
water absorption
closed porosity
compressive strength
flexure strength
oxygen index
Combustion rating
Flame prevalence
Vertical burning method
burning time
combustion flame height
The reaction time can adjust according to the requirements of the user.


When working, please avoid contact of polyol with eyes or skin. Safety glasses are suggested Skin contaminated with polyols should be washed with soap and plenty of water. If polyol contacts eyes, flush with plenty of low pressure flowing water or get medicalattention.
1. Refrigeration and refrigeration equipment for household appliances and food industries PU rigid foam is the most ideal thermal insulation material for freezing and refrigerating equipment, which can achieve better insulation efficiency. Refrigerators and freezers are commonly used in households and food industries. The refrigerator and the refrigerator with PU hard foam as the heat insulation layer have a thin heat insulating layer, and under the condition of equal external dimensions, the effective volume is much larger than that of other materials as the heat insulating layer, and the weight of the electric appliance is reduced. The PU hard foam has high strength and is poured between the shell of the refrigerator and the inner liner to form an integral body. There is no “heat bridge”, which ensures the excellent heat insulation effect of the refrigerator and the freezer. Hard polyurethane foam plastic insulation materials are generally used in household electric water heaters, solar water heaters, and beer barrel sandwiches. PU rigid foam is also used in the manufacture of portable incubators for the transport of biological products, pharmaceuticals and foods that require heat preservation. With the development of fisheries and meat processing industry, these foods are often processed, frozen and refrigerated on site to reduce spoilage and improve resource utilization. The refrigeration and refrigeration rooms and large-scale cold storages of enterprises such as marine fisheries and meat food processing industries also use polyurethane foam as insulation materials, and are often assembled with hard foam metal sandwich panels, which is convenient and quick.

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