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Two Component Rigid Foam For Insulation Polyurethane Foam Panel Material

SPC-1031 polyurea spray material for waterproof can be instant quick curing as if spraying on the surface, the formation of high strength, high elongation, no joint elastic waterproof coating, is a revolutionary leap in traditional coating technology, is currently the most advanced waterproof construction technology. Spraying polyurea waterproof coating can be widely used in the large-scale building structure, chemical infrastructure, water conservancy and other waterproof engineering, especially exposed to chemical corrosion of water quality engineering.

Recommended film thickness is about 1.5-2.5mm, estimated consumer consumption amount for 2.0-3.0kg/square meters, the amount of nodes, corners and some special parts may than theoretical consumption greater.


Polyurethane rigid foam materials are widely used in the construction and industrial sectors, playing a crucial role in the manufacturing of insulation boards. Here is an introduction to the application of polyurethane rigid foam materials in insulation boards:

Outstanding Insulation Performance: Polyurethane rigid foam materials are renowned for their exceptional insulation properties. They possess excellent thermal insulation characteristics, effectively reducing heat transfer, making insulation boards an ideal choice for energy-efficient buildings.

Lightweight yet Sturdy: Polyurethane rigid foam materials are lightweight yet robust, providing strong structural support for insulation boards. This gives insulation boards excellent load-bearing capabilities while maintaining their lightweight nature, facilitating construction and transportation.

Cream Time:10-35 s (25℃)
Gel Time:50-230 s (25℃)
Tack free time:60-360 s (25℃)
Free rise density:23-38 kg/m3
Lead time:
Quantity(kilograms) 1 – 220 221 – 1000 1001 – 3000 >3000
Lead time (days) 15 15 15 To be negotiated

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