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High Density PU Foam Material Polyol and Isocyanate For 3D Wall Decoration Panel

Polyurethane 3D soft panel is an innovative decorative material, which combines the excellent performance of polyurethane materials and the creative design of 3D technology, bringing new possibilities for interior decoration. This soft pack can be applied to the wall decoration of home, business and public places, adding unique beauty and artistic atmosphere to the space.


Foam is a lightweight, porous and flexible foam material made of polyurethane (Polyurethane). Polyurethane is a synthetic material produced by a chemical reaction of polymers, usually by mixing polyacetate (Polyester) or polyetheretherketone with isocyanates.

In the production process of polyurethane 3D soft bag, foam material plays a key role. The properties of the foam determine the texture, softness and durability of the pouch.

  1. Lightweight: Due to its porous structure, the foam material has a very low density, making the soft bag light and easy to install and carry.
  2. Elasticity and softness: The foam material has excellent elasticity, can naturally return to the original shape, and is not easily deformed. It also imparts a soft touch to the pouch for a comfortable sitting and touching experience.
  3. Sound-absorbing properties: The porous structure of the foam material gives it excellent sound-absorbing properties. It absorbs sound fluctuations in the air, reducing noise transmission and creating a quieter and more serene environment.
  4. Durability: Polyurethane foam has high durability and anti-aging properties. They won’t wear, warp or fade easily and will maintain their good looks and functional properties over time.
  5. Safety: Polyurethane foam materials usually have good flame retardant properties, which can effectively slow down the speed of fire spread and improve safety.


Dark yellow viscous liquid
Viscosity (25℃)
Dark yellow viscous liquid
Viscosity (25℃)
Stirring time(s)
Cream time(s)
Gel time(s)
Tack free time(s)
The reaction time can adjust according to the requirements of the user.
Density (kg/cm3)
Hardness (shore A)
Tensile strength (MPa)
Elongation at break (%)
Compression strength 10% (MPa)
Impact strength (KJ/m2)


Polyurethane 3D soft package has a wide range of applications and can perform its decorative and functional properties in various places. The following are some common application areas:

  1. Home decoration: polyurethane 3D soft package provides a unique choice for home decoration. Whether it is a living room, bedroom, dining room or study, soft package can be used as wall decoration to create a warm and comfortable home environment. Its creative design and diverse pattern options make the home space more individual and artistic.
  2. Commercial space: polyurethane 3D soft package has a wide range of applications in commercial space. For example, hotel lobbies, restaurants, shopping malls, exhibition halls and other places can use soft package to create a high-end luxury or fashionable and modern atmosphere. Soft package not only provides visual aesthetics, but also improves acoustic environment, reduces noise transmission and creates a more comfortable dining, shopping and communication experience for customers.
  3. Public places: polyurethane 3D soft package is also well suited for applications in public places. For example, offices, meeting rooms, libraries, schools and other places can use soft package to enhance the overall texture and professional image of the space. Soft package can not only beautify the wall, but also improve the acoustic environment of the room and provide a better working and learning atmosphere.
  4. Culture and art venues: Museums, galleries, theaters and other culture and art venues can also be decorated with polyurethane 3D soft package. The unique design and artistic sense of soft package makes exhibits and artworks more prominent, creating a strong artistic atmosphere and enhancing the audience’s experience and appreciation


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