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Polyurethane FLexible Foam Material For Back Support Cushion


1. Enhanced Elasticity and Wear Resistance

Outstanding Elasticity:

The polyurethane backing material demonstrates a significant improvement in elasticity through careful modulation of its elastic modulus. Whether applied in sports equipment, such as balls for various sports, or in industrial settings, like springs and seals, the superior elasticity of the new material enhances user experience and extends product lifespan.

Substantial Increase in Wear Resistance:

Through optimized formulation, the new material achieves a remarkable increase in wear resistance. This allows manufacturers to develop more durable products, such as automotive components in high-wear areas or industrial equipment requiring superior abrasion resistance, thereby reducing maintenance costs and improving equipment reliability.

2. Environmental Innovation

The development of the polyurethane backing material adheres to an environmental-friendly philosophy, utilizing renewable resources. The production process incorporates measures to minimize waste and harmful emissions, making the product more environmentally friendly. This innovation is particularly appealing for brands emphasizing environmental responsibility and meeting customer demands.

3. Exceptional Processing Performance

Excellent Flowability:

The new material exhibits outstanding flowability, making it easier to mold. This is particularly advantageous for products requiring precision processing, such as automotive interior components or electronic product casings, contributing to increased production efficiency and reduced scrap rates.

Processing Stability:

The new material excels in processing stability, ensuring the predictability of the manufacturing process. Manufacturers can easily adjust production parameters to adapt to different manufacturing environments and requirements, enhancing the flexibility of production lines.


Item Standard(25℃)
Appearance Light yellow to brown transparent liquid
Hydroxyl value 110-120 mgKOH/g
Viscosity 250-300 mPa.S/20°C
Specific gravity 1.05-1.10 g/ml(20°C)
Storage Temperature ≤ 25°C
Storage Stability 6 month
Density 9~11 kg/m3
Ratio 1:1 by volume
Cream  time 3-5 s
Gel time 6-10 s
Free  density 7-9kg/m³(0.45-0.55lb/ft³)


Our state-of-the-art foam material designed explicitly for back support cushions is a game-changer, promising unparalleled comfort and support across various applications. Let’s delve into the diverse realms where this innovative material excels:

1. Office Seating:

Elevate the workday experience with our foam material in office chairs. Its ergonomic design and high-density support ensure optimal spine alignment, reducing fatigue and discomfort during prolonged desk sessions.

2. Car Seats:

Transform your daily commute into a comfortable journey. The foam material’s custom contouring adapts to individual shapes, providing exceptional lumbar support during drives. Its breathable construction adds an extra layer of comfort for those long road trips.

3. Home Furniture:

Upgrade your living space with the plush comfort of our foam material. From sofas to recliners, the material’s durable resilience and health-conscious design make it a perfect choice for enhancing back support in various home furniture applications.

4. Wheelchairs and Mobility Aids:

For individuals relying on wheelchairs or other mobility aids, our foam material ensures not only superior support but also contributes to overall well-being. The customizable contouring adapts to different body shapes, promoting comfort for extended periods of use.

5. Event Seating:

From conferences to stadiums, our foam material provides a comfortable seating solution for events of all scales. Attendees can enjoy extended periods of sitting without sacrificing comfort, making it an ideal choice for venues and organizers prioritizing attendee satisfaction.

6. Medical Chairs and Loungers:

In healthcare settings, our foam material shines in medical chairs and loungers. Its breathable construction, combined with a focus on health and wellness, creates an ideal environment for patients, aiding in recovery and comfort during extended periods of use.

7. Outdoor Furniture:

Extend the luxury of comfortable seating to the great outdoors. Our foam material, known for its durability, resilience, and breathability, makes it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, ensuring that relaxation knows no bounds.

8. Gaming Chairs:

Enhance the gaming experience with our foam material incorporated into gaming chairs. The ergonomic design and high-density support cater to the needs of avid gamers, providing a supportive foundation for immersive gaming sessions.

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