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Are polyurethane foaming agents environmentally friendly? What should I do if there is a smell?

When it comes to foaming agents, many people may not understand it. In fact, it has already penetrated into daily life. For example, foaming agents are used in sofas and car seat cushions. Otherwise, there would not be countless pores on the surface of these objects. The main function of the foaming agent is to make the object used to foam into holes, so as to achieve the purpose of use. Polyurethane foaming agents are relatively common on the market. Is it environmentally friendly?

Are polyurethane foaming agents environmentally friendly?

The environmental pollution of polyurethane foaming agent is determined by many factors and cannot be generalized. According to common sense, polyurethane foaming agents are environmentally friendly materials, but not all foaming agents are environmentally friendly. Users need to keep their eyes open when buying. If they don’t know much about foaming agents, they can consult professionals for help in purchasing. Secondly, you can also buy branded products. These products have a good reputation and brand effect, and you can buy them with more confidence. For example, Cosmoor focuses on the research of foaming agents and provides customized foaming agent application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be applied In new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

Does polyurethane foam have an odor?

Any brand of foaming agent will have an odor during use, which is normal. As long as the operating environment is ventilated and ventilated, there will be no effect. Once the product of good quality is completely cured, the smell will disappear, and it can be tested by various departments, and no harmful substances will remain. Polyurethane foaming agent is environmentally friendly, even if there is some pungent smell during use, it will not produce toxic gas that will damage the health of the operator. It’s just that the smell is a little pungent. There will be no impact if you take protective measures.
In order to purchase an environmentally friendly polyurethane foaming agent, you need to combine many factors. In addition to considering the brand, you also need to combine the purchase price. Be careful to buy products that are much lower than the market price. In order to compete, some manufacturers use inferior raw materials, so that they have enough competitive advantages in terms of price. There is no safety guarantee for purchasing this type of foaming agent, and they do not even reach the environmental protection level.

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