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PU Gel Material
Polyurethane gel is a polymer material with unique physical and chemical properties and is widely used in construction, medical, industrial and other fields. Different types of polyurethane gels can be used in different fields, but they all have excellent properties and broad application prospects.
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Why Choose Us?

1. Luxurious Softness:

 Immerse yourself in a tactile experience like no other. Our Polyurethane Gel boasts an indulgent softness, offering a sensation akin to the gentle caress of clouds. Each interaction is a moment of luxury, leaving you with an unforgettable touch.

2. Resilience Redefined:

Experience resilience that transcends expectations. Our unique rebound design ensures rapid recovery to the original form, whether you’re considering medical applications or seeking everyday comfort. It’s resilience redefined for sustained and comforting experiences.

3. Crafted with Precision:

Behind every product is an artful manufacturing process. We meticulously control material temperatures and reaction times, ensuring precision in every aspect. The result is a Polyurethane Gel product that is not just crafted but sculpted for an optimal tactile masterpiece.

4. Versatility Unleashed:

Polyurethane Gel isn’t confined by boundaries; it’s a versatile material ready to transform various applications. From insoles to pillows and mattresses, our products showcase unparalleled flexibility. The versatility of our gel opens doors to a world of softness and durability.

5. Exploring Physical Performance:

Dive into a spectrum of hardness options, ranging from 20 to 3000 types, catering to diverse needs. With elongation exceeding 400%, our Polyurethane Gel ensures products maintain elasticity, promising enduring and reliable performance across applications.

Typical Property Of Material

Product Name 

A-7144BB Purple transparent liquid

B-6219 Light yellow transparent liquid


Transparent to light Purple

Transparent to light yellow

Specifìc gravity 




1000± 500  35°C ( Cps )

1000± 500  35°C ( Cps )

Reference Formula


18kgs (100%)




0-0.05% (depend on the real demand)

Mixing ratio (by weight)


Material temperarure


Mould temperature


Demold time

6.5~8 min

User’s Guidance

Stotage Data

Once the container has been opened or A, B component has been prepared, material should be

used in 24 hours. The shelf life at least 6 months and most favorable temperature is 15~25°C.

In winter, B-6219 may crystallize. It should heated in the oven with 70~90°C for 12 hours, then use it immediately.

One -Stop Solution

Seamless solutions from raw materials to customized machinery: your all-in-one polyurethane gel partner
1. Polyurethane gel raw materials
As your preferred partner, we offer raw material customization services to ensure you get raw materials tailored to your requirements.
2. High-precision custom molds: Enhance your production process with our custom mold solutions. Our team specializes in creating custom molds that are precisely engineered to bring out the best performance of polyurethane gel.
3. Cutting-edge machinery customization: We provide polyurethane gel machine customization services to ensure a seamless production process.
4. Overall one-stop solution:
Say goodbye to fragmented processes. We provide an overall one-stop solution, including raw material supply, mold manufacturing and machinery customization. Streamline your entire production cycle from one source, increase efficiency and minimize complexity.

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