Wood Imitation Rigd Foam Polyurethane Raw Materiral

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"Wood Imitation" structure foam , is a new type of carving synthetic materials. It has high mechanical strength and hardness, simple molding process , high production efficiency and excellent appearance.
Characteristics are as follows,
1. excellent repetition molding property. It not only can mould certain shape size, but also mould lifelike wood texture and other designs, good touch
2. appearance and feel close to wood , which could be planed, nailed, drilled, and carved patterns or designs .
3. Mold can be aluminum or steel, and silicon rubber, epoxy resin or other resins, which are low cost and easy machining.
4. process is simple, fast, high efficiency of qualified.
5. physical and mechanical properties is one of optimal synthesis wood produced by various polymer . Physical property can be controlled by adjusting the formula.

Physical Properties

Appearance Light yellow to brown yellow viscous liquid
Hydroxyl Value mgKOH/g 320-380
Dynamic Viscosity(25℃) mPa.s 800-1200
Specific Gravity (20℃) g/ml 1.05-1.10
Storage Temperature 10-25
Storage stability Month 6
Recommended Ratio
Ratio pbw
SPC-10141 100
MDI 100
Reactivity Characteristics (the exact value varied depending on processing conditions)
Items Manual Mixing
(low pressure machine)
High Pressure Machine
Material Temperature 22-30 22-30
Mould Temperature 35-40 35-40
Rise Time s 30-50 25-35
Gel time s 130-160 100-120
Free density kg/m3 70-300 70-300

Foam Performances

Items Test Method Index
Moulding Density GB/T 6343 160-500kg/m3
Surface strength Shore D 40-70
Tensile    strength   >5Mpa
Compressive strength GB/T 8813 5-7MPa
shrinking ratio GB/T 8811 ≤1%

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