Polyurethane High Resilience Foam Material For Car Seat Motorcycle Seat

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The material for high resilience flexible foam. High resilience foam material has high resilience and high compression load value, showing excellent mechanical properties. Also has good feel and good air permeability. Widely used in automobile seat cushion, backrest cushion, motorcycle seat cushion, massage cushions, rehabilitation equipment, medical appliance cushion, sofa cushion, mattress, sleeping mats and other fields.
High resilience flexible foam material of molding process is simple ---- casting molding once. Mold into a small, high capacity utilization, short cycle times, high production efficiency, the use of cold cure process, low energy consumption, low production costs. The vacuum technology can foam molding and decorative fabrics smoothly.


Cream time 12 s
Rise time 2-3 min
Curing time 5 min
Density(kg/m3) 40-45
Elongation(%) ≥20-25
Ball rebound(%) ≥45
25% indentation force deflection(N) ≥120
65% indentation force deflection)(N) ≥315
Comfort factor ≥2.8
65%compression set(%) ≤8
Tearing strength(N/cm ) ≥1.75