245fa For Spraying Industry

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The spraying industry is an important application field of polyurethane rigid foam. At present, the foaming agent in most of the combined polyethers used for construction in China is HCFC-141b. Therefore, the spraying industry is an important area for the elimination of HCFC-141b. Since hfc-245 fa is non-flammable, in the process of HCFC-141 b phase-out, both the United States and Japan have preferred hfc-245 fa as the preferred alternative foaming agent in the spraying industry.

The spraying system material prepared with HFC-245fa and water molar ratio of 50/50 is close to the vapor pressure measured by the existing HCFC-141b system.
In addition, during the transportation process, the existing packaging barrels have not been found to expand the packaging barrels, overflow of raw materials, etc.
No major changes are required to existing packaging, shipping and foaming processes. And the system material showed good foaming performance in the field construction.
foam properties, such as smooth foam surface, excellent physical properties and 5%~10% foam production relative to HFC-141b system
Out rate 191.
  wall roof
Density/kg. M-3 37.0 55.5
Thermal Conductivity
/W*( m*K)-1
0.208 0.022
Compressive Strength/kPa 240 340
Dimensional stability(-30℃,48h) /% 0.8 ≤l
Dimensional Stability(70℃,48h)/1% 3.7 3.7
Flammability/cm 12 13
Closed Porosity/% 93 95