Colsed Cell Rigid Foam Polyol and Isocyanate MDI for PU Spray Foam Wall Insulation

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SPC-1007 Series polyol is a fully formulated polyol blend developed for spray application of PU rigid foam. The component ratio has been adjusted to make it suitable for use with polyurethane foam spraying machines with a fixed volumetric component ratio of 1-1.2:1. It already contains sufficient quantity of blowing agent HCFC 141b to achieve the foreseen foam density.

When polyol and isocyanate (MDI) are mixed together using suitable foam spray equipment, the resulting foam has a homogenous density. Foams which are allowed to cure for a sufficient time between the layers applied have good skin formation and show good adhesion to the sprayed surface. Special care must be taken the sprayed surfaces are not cold or wet.

It is maily used for the insulation of wall&roof and cold room&container.





Cream time (s)


Gel time (s)


Tack free time (s)


Free rise density (kg/m3)



First Aid for Eyes & Skin    

When working, please avoid contact of polyol with eyes or skin. Safety glasses are suggested Skin contaminated with polyols should be washed with soap and plenty of water. If polyol contacts eyes, flush with plenty of low pressure flowing water or get medical attention.



220kg steel drum

Moistureproof, ventilation, sealed storage, shelf life of 6 months.