Polyurethane Rigid Foam Insulation Panel Raw Material

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SPC1006 series polyol is a fully formulated polyol blend, especially developed for the insulation of metal faced sandwich panels with PU rigid foam in continuous or discontinuous process.

It contains sufficient quantity of blowing agent HCFC 141B to achieve the foreseen foam density. When blended polyol and isocyanate (PMDI) are mixed together using suitable equipment, the good flowability of the resulting foam makes it possible to achieve a homogenous foam density throughout the cross section of the panel. Foams which are allowed to cure for a sufficient time in the mould according to the foam thickness show good adhesion to the surface and good dimensional stability.

SPC1006 series raw material contains sufficient amount of fire retardant for the foreseen applications and the foams obtained by using it together with isocyanate (PMDI) are classified as B2 or B3 according to DIN 4201 classification. It is recommended that a mould surface temperature of 40℃ is maintained during production.


Item Standard(25℃)
Cream time (s) 10-35
Gel time (s) 50-230
Tack free time (s) 60-360
Free rise density (kg/m3) 23-38

First Aid for Eyes & Skin

1. When working, please avoid contact of polyol with eyes or skin.
2. Safety glasses are suggested.
3. Skin contaminated with polyols should be washed with soap and plenty of water.
4. If polyol contacts eyes, flush with plenty of low pressure flowing water or get medical attention.


Polyol: 220kg/steel drum
PMDI: 250kg/steel drum
Moisture proof, ventilation, sealed storage. Shelf life is 6 months.