Defoamer/Antifoam agent For Oil Well Cementing

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The company produces a composite defoamer defoamers is the characteristics of the water oil well cementing slurry system design can effectively eliminate and suppress the use of foam cement slurry production, thus 

ensuring the grout The density and performance to ensure cementing quality. This can also be used defoamers defoaming other water-based systems and suds.


Main features Of Defoamer: 

  •  anti-foaming speed, suds lasting effect.
  •  dispersion, use good, easy to operate.
  •  high temperature, acid, in a wide range of PH value are valid.
  •  with less toxic and tasteless, environmental pollution.

Specifications of Defoamer:


Physical properties

Appearance Milky white viscous liquid

PH value

7.0 ± 1.0


0.95 ± 0.05

Ionic stype



general increase of 0.1% -0.3%

suitable dosage units required to discretionary changes in cement slurry 

according to specific circumstances.




Advantage of defoamer:


(1) High quality


(2) Competitive price


(3) First-class service and product


(4) Environment friendly


(5) Great performance


(6) Easy application


Usage of defoamer:

1. together with other additives dosing join.


2. can also be added separately from the car with slurry square box.


Photos of defoamer:



Applications of defoamer:

  • for oil well cementing slurry water foam elimination and inhibition.

  • applies to other water-based systems that produce foam elimination and inhibition.