Anti Foam Agent Defoamer For Drilling Mud

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  The company produces drilling mud defoamer is a kind of modified silicone based high performance 

composite defoamer,it can effectively solve the foam problem during drilling. Is the alternative to 

drilling HFX-101 products.


Main features Of Defoamer: 

  •  anti-foaming speed, suds lasting effect.
  •  dispersion, use good, easy to operate.
  •  with less, high defoaming efficiency, can effectively improve mud lubricity and cooling effect, greatly imp  roving the efficiency of the use of mud circulation.
  •  toxic and tasteless, environmental pollution

Specifications of Defoamer:


Physical properties

Appearance Milky white viscous liquid


PH value

8.0 ± 0.5


1.10 ± 0.05

Defoamer 0.1ml / 350ml base pulp defoaming first time ≤105 seconds

                              After stirring defoaming time ≤105 seconds

Defoamer 0.2ml / 350ml base slurry bubble disappearance time ≤105 seconds



In general: 50 ~ 150ppm


Special Occasion

500 ~ 1000ppm



The appropriate amount of foam samples of the test subject is determined


Advantage of defoamer:


(1) High quality


(2) Competitive price


(3) First-class service and product


(4) Environment friendly


(5) Great performance


(6) Easy application


Usage of defoamer:

1 can be used as an additive directly into the drilling mud.


2 can also be added to the product at the time of slurry bubble, defoaming and foam handle.


Photos of defoamer:


Applications of defoamer:

Apply to eliminate and suppress drilling mud during the drilling process arising from the foam, especially suitable for saline mud and saturated brine mud system.