FAQ about spray polyurethane foam(SPF)

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From this week,our company’s engineer is going to help all of users who have purchased our spray polyurethane foam (SPF) or are interested in our SPF to solve some common questions weekly.
The following questions and answers are some of the most common topics in the field of spray polyurethane foam (SPF), which are used to answer the question directly to the architects, developers, and residential building owners.

While spraying polyurethane foam (SPF) on the house top platform,then close the vent, which resulted in the attic ventilation, whether the original material should be removed or not?
It is not necessary to remove the original heat preservation material on the attic. Of course, if the removal of the the original insulation materials on the attic, professional spraying construction workers in the operation will be more convenient.If the original heat preservation material has waterproof layer (such as polyethylene, kraft-faced batts), all the thermal insulation material should be removed.
Whether SPF can be directly sprayed onto the underside of the roof platform, or that must be set liner and baffle, to set air passage from the eaves to the top of the house?
Directly sprayed onto the roof platform, without air gap. There is no need to set the ventilation system, it will only increase the cost.
If the roof leaks,will SPF hinder the early detection?
The best way to detect a leak in the roof is regularly checking the roof. Any discolored areas may indicate a leaking roof. If the flat roof diaphragm damages, SPF can help in the region of plugging leakage, to alleviate the damages. In the storm, if the roof slab and cushion were blown,SPF helps to protect the house from water.
More questions will be answered next week.
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